Files License

License for Free CorelDraw Templates
All Free Templates downloaded from site have a Royalty Free license. It means you can use Free Templates in commercial and private projects.

License for Premium CorelDraw Templates
All Premium Templates downloaded from can be used in any project for you or your client. They can be used in a printed format as well as digitally. Under this license, you have a right to use the Templates multiple times for multiple projects without incurring additional fees.

You can:
• use Premium Templates in commercial and private projects
• use Premium Templates in work which will be printed and distributed
• use Premium Templates as many times as you like for a many clients as you like

The files downloaded from site cannot be resold or given out for free.
AlfaEra Templates cannot be separated from this license.

Stock Photos
The Stock Photos included in AlfaEra Templates come from third-party websites. These websites distribute their photos for personal and commercial work for free without attribution.

If you have any questions about Files License, please contact us.

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